Anna the Academic

Once again, long time no post. And once again, it’s more school/life path related than anything else. Last semester was the worst semester of my life barring the first semester of my undergrad. I have never felt so incompetent, so prone to failure, so deceptive, and so lost in my life. The last four months … More Anna the Academic

Oh, Trinity.

ICYMI: my alma mater, Trinity Western University, won a legal battle in the BC court, putting us further towards the school’s goal of opening a law school. If you aren’t familiar with what all the hullabaloo is about, students who go to Trinity submit themselves to the community covenant, some points of which are generally inconvenient (e.g. … More Oh, Trinity.


I wanted to add to the last post that everyone I know who is in transition right now is having a hell of a time, so if you are regretting your choice to go to grad school, or university in general, or to extend your schooling by yet another year, or to take a year … More Addendum

The Thief of Joy

Hi all!      Whoops, it’s been a LOT longer than two weeks since my last post! And, contrary to what I said at the end of my last entry, this post is not going to be about my journey as a Christian… instead, it’s some quick, short thoughts on a great phrase I heard … More The Thief of Joy


     For the longest time, I thought I was a lesbian. From middle school until halfway through my undergrad, I wrestled on and off with terror and guilt resulting from knowing, deep down, that I wasn’t entirely straight. Whenever I tried to mentally settle into the idea of either being “gay” or “straight,” I felt … More Queerdom

As promised…

A picture of my cat: Pheobe Mu, the softest and derpiest of them all. I just really like this picture, but I promise that in the next one you’ll be able to see more than just one eye and a nose.  

And so it begins.

Hello!      Starting this blog is terrifying for me and also rather anticlimactic at the same time. Anticlimactic because I’m not expecting much of a following, and anyone who has the link at the beginning will already know where I stand on basically any issue I’d blog about. 😉 But terrifying because it’s scary … More And so it begins.